Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Photo Tuesday

All photos, Alec Soth

Monday, November 19, 2007


I am an Apple user.
I own an iPod.
I think PCs are clunky and lame.
But I'm no Apple brand advocate/zealot/apostle/etc.

I do not believe Steve Jobs is God.
I do not have an Apple sticker on my car (I do have one on my Apple.)
I don't have an iPhone (because Sprint v. AT&T matters to me slightly more than Apple v. Samsung)
I haven't set Apple.com as my homepage.
I don't visit Apple.com every day. Or every week. Or even every month.
I don't download Steve's keynote speeches.
I don't have Leopard.
I don't get into Apple/PC debates with PC users.
I don't blast Zune (very often)


as an early Christmas gift, I bought my wife an iPod Nano.
And it is fucking awesome.

Awesomely small.
Awesomely tactile.
Awesomely dainty.
Awesomely badass.

You could swallow it by accident.
You could play quarters with it.
You could lose it in the crack of an elevator shaft.
You could skip it across a lake.
You could keep it under your keyboard.
You could put it in your wallet.
You could fit it in a condom wrapper.

And (atleast with the 4MB one I got) you can jam a bunch of pictures of your son and eight hours of workout songs on it. And a battery to keep it goin for 24 hours?

I bought her an armband, but I shouldn't have.
For the price of the armband, she could attach it to her arm with a large Band-Aid every day for three years. Seriously.

Nanotechnology is un-friggin-believable.
How the hell do they pull that shit off?

Nerds rule.

You hear me, Nerds????