Friday, January 04, 2008

Greatness spotted

Mere hours after buying one of these fantastic t-shirts, Carla Shepherd, WV came back for THREE MORE! I salute you, Ms. Shepherd, on your fantastic sense of humor and style.

Should YOU, dear readers, choose to demonstrate style and humor, 'limited quantities' of this design are STILL AVAILABLE! But as Carla demonstrates - it is only a matter of time before their ubiquity makes them yesterday's funny.


...I feel fine

I played with about ten different things to say here. But pictures really are worth a thousand words. This one may be worth an entire generation.

Perhaps I could have used a line like "No wonder people are voting Huckabee" ?

In with the old

Always been a fan of Gyro. And I've always envied them for creating their own brands: I have a bottle of Hendricks gin (outstanding in a martini) on my bar. I wouldn't mind having a Sailor Jerry t-shirt in my closet. Nothing ground breaking about the way they executed this look book, but the photography resonates with my "authentic" nerve. Feels very Cobrasnake.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Sneaks After Christmas

I was standing at the Philadelphia airport this holiday, after dropping off my rental car (An gold Impala that smelled like smoky skunk pee) and I saw a kid climb out of an SUV with a pair of seriously kick-ass red sneakers with Ms on them.

His shoes, how they twinkled.
Those kicks, oh so merry.
And they blazed, as he walked, like the devil (but less scary.)

I considered asking him about them. But that seemed a little too creepy for me - a guy standing on the drop-off curb at the Philadelphia airport, holding a tiny chinese takeout box of candied pecans in one hand, shivering in the friscalating dusklight.

So I stood there on Christmas night WANTING those shoes.
With their red shiny Ms and their way-too-new-ties.
I thought of 'ahems' and 'say there!'s and small lies.
But to inquire of the shoes, twas the thing I coul'n't do.

Away to Zappos, I flew like a flash.
Searching through Madden and other such trash.
I found not a pair, though I'd done all the work.
And now, here I sit, sort of hating that jerk.

The kid with the shoes and the grin and the gleam.
With those shiny red Ms that I see when I dream.
Though red shoes aren't quite what I would pick for myself.
(and Buff would point out that I look like an elf).

Still, to peek at those sneaks made my knees sort of weak.


Any help?

Dream a little cooler

Houses to live for.

Pic from Dwell magazine online.