Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've done a little research - and based on design alone - Obama is beating the shit out of Senator Clinton on website design.

Barack has a well-directed music video featuring Scarlett Johansson and several other personalities whose names escape me, but whose earnestness makes you want to join them in a rousing chorus of "yes we can."

Obama may be the first candidate to effectively use design as a campaign tool. Sure, he still uses red white and blue and stars and stuff, but more importantly, he has chosen a contemporary type style, a shiny blue field, well organized and clean graphics to amplify his message.

Hilary? Not so much.Hilary's page looks like the front page of the New York newspaper - not the Times, the shitty one... Um. The Daily News. Her blues are desaturated and newsprint-y. Her reds ONLY highlight phrases like CONTRIBUTE and REPORT VOTING PROBLEMS. Is that Helvetica round? Yuck. What a default political web design this is. flat. Unimaginative. Even her picture looks like it was scanned out of USA Today. She should fire her publicist for showing a smile with that many chins. From that angle.

And she's the QUALIFIED one. Cripes. All that establishment has gone straight through her head and onto her site.

Plus check out THIS touch from Obama's site:

A little CGC? NO HE DI'N'T! (Can you imagine being the poor campaign schlepp who has to weed through THIS thicket of public ranting and ideating?) Still - it's contemporary, it's strategic, and dammit - it wins votes.

Here's a little look at Hilary's internet savvy:

Sorry Hil: you lost me at "right-click..." - newsflash - your voting base knows how to download a fucking picture and - by virtue of the fact that you not only give me directions BUT give me PC directions - you've lost me completely. And Scarlett Johansson.


J_Fox said...

I like the ginormous "Report Voting Problems" block on Hill's site. It ever-so-subtly says "If I lose, it's because *you* were disenfranchised." Yay!

But what do I know? I plan on voting for an animatronic Reagan.

Make the logo bigger said...

They both have that big-ass donate button working overtime though.

Jetpacks said...

I like the super Photoshopped photos of Hill Baby all over the site - making her look to be in her young 30s.

Barack's logo is pretty cool - if he loses - he can go into farming. Just stick a barn in the foreground. Also resembles bacon and eggs.

And Fox is dead-on. She's already setting us up for "We will take this nomination by hook or by crook."