Saturday, February 16, 2008

Obama continues to nail it?

Obama's design Fairies continue to sprinkle magic dust on his campaign.

The "Obey/Obama" posters seem a little counter productive. Is Obama subversive? Is he the man? Is either of those things Presidential? Certainly worth arguing about. And certainly beats what his competition is up to.

Sorry. Comparing John Mellencamp to Shepard Fairey is a stretch.


Jetpacks said...

Read the comments on the interview where one person says he saw the sign on a street corner being waved eagerly by a supporter, outshining the other candidate posters.

Usually all we get in the campaign sign world are names and treatments on stars and stripes. It's odd and somehow refreshing to just see a face and a word the candidate has been touting.

That said, I'll take the opposing side and warn that the Obama "movement" borders on cult, and this poster looks like a third world dictator's efforts at mass hypnosis. You know, like how pictures of Mao or Hussein dominated the landscape in their heyday.

Purely as art and statement, I like it. It unites Red and Blue, which is what Obama claims to be about.

All eyes no Texas soon, James.

James-H said...

It does have a Che Guevera feel to it for sure. I just can't wrap my head around whether that baggage is a good thing or a bad thing.

I like your comment on uniting the Red and Blue. That was lost on me.

His TV spots aren't tremendously breakthrough - but then, neither are Hilary's. And I've seen them run back-to-back more than once -- sort of like a microdebate. You almost wonder if one/both of them planned it?

Mack said...

You're right about the comparison; Fairey is much better.

J_Fox said...

Very Che. Which is appropriate given how socialistic the O-man is. Sigh. I really need my own island. This election is going to blow no matter who wins.

I keep seeing Obama's ad talking about how when his mom was sick, she was more worried about paying her hospital bills than getting better. I just keep thinking, "Weren't you a successful lawyer at this point?" Couldn't you chip in a sawbuck or two?" I'm sure that wasn't the case. I hope. But still, odd.