Monday, April 14, 2008

How integrated is your campaign?

I spoke at the University of Texas today - to two classes of advertising students.

Class #1 had 300 students: "Introduction to Advertising".

Before the class, as I sat sipping on a Diet Coke in the Jester Wendy's, I counted the number of students walking by who WEREN'T clutching, listening to, talking, or texting on a mobile device. I think it was 8 (of a possible 300?). I mean DAMN! I thought the Dallas Tollway was a mobile phone paradise - the Student Center at UT is downright bionic.

of the 300 students in the class, easily 200 were typing NOISILY on their laptops throughout the presentation. I suppose this is the norm now - and you'd all do wisely to invest in the quietest keyboard company out there. There's a market for it. Lord knows if this was note-taking, IMing about my plaid pants, or chatting with mom - but it was more than a little distracting. I don't blame them. I'm old and old people suck.

Those kids today!

The second class was a more manageable 15 or so seniors graduating in May.
Here was my challenge to them:

Start thinking of yourself as an integrated campaign.
A portfolio, sure. But more importantly a website, a blog, email marketing, direct mail, video, etc.
Make it as compelling as you are. Hell - this is advertising - make it ten times as compelling as you are. Tell me a good story. Leave me interested enough to follow your breadcrumbs. Start the story on your website, pay it off with a series of videos on YouTube. Start your own wiki. whatever. Make sure it involves both thought and effort. Oh - and some design. And make it compelling. Did I say that already? Good. Make it FUCKING COMPELLING.

Compel me to figure it out. Compel me to share it with my boss an look like the hero that found the needle in the talent haystack. Make ME look like a genius and I'll hire you to become advertising's next superstar.

I mean it. How cool would that look on MY resume?

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