Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am a loud motherfucker.

I hear that alot. "Tone it down." "Less volume buddy." "Easy there, Maxell."


Loud. Obnoxious and loud. Loud and with poor music taste. Loud and fucking profane.

So what gives?


I've been loud and profane and rambunctious since I was in elementary school.

Maybe I'm deaf. And have Tourette's.

Maybe I'm surrounded by folks with incredibly acute senses of hearing. Maybe some of them are idiots.


AllI know for sure is. I'm loud. I'm profane. And it pisses people off.


Chris said...
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Buck Super Stereo said...

"it pisses people off"?

that loudness, sir, is certainly one of the things i like most about you.

no matter how long i go without even a feeble attempt at staying in touch, i will never forget "oh great. there's a fucking baby on board."


James-H said...

The classics do endure. Amen brother, and thanks to the believers.

J_Fox said...

You certainly are loud and profane, but I think I might be considered loud and profane at your current digs. Yell on.