Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Like a cow,
I was lured, herded, penned and milked.
for an iphone.

it's nice.
uh, smudgy.
easy to use.
hard to put down.

I predict you'll find me walking into walls while I check email, update facebook, find myself on GPS, twitter the status of my bruised forehead, and take calls from my friends family and coworkers.

It's sitting here on my desk.
Begging for a poke, a touch, a squeeze.


Instinct? What Instinct?


Anonymous said...

here's one i made earlier (2 minutes earlier)

i have never
had the pleasure
of seeing amy winehouse sing live
and hearing the vocals
of a junkie
with a beehive

Mike said...

Moo. Right back atcha. As of this morning I am officially Steve Jobs' bitch. Multiple macs, multiple iPods, and now the iPhone. Resistance is futile.