Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practicing what you preach

When it comes to integrating your agency's brand, few do it like the Plaid crew.

Last year, I met up with them at a skanky bar in Fair Park to hoist a cold one at the conclusion of their tour across the states, spreading buttons and brand fever in a swarm of twittering, vlogging, blogging, flickering, and general craziness not seen since Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters took the New York World's Fair by storm in a dayglo bus full of acid freaks.

But where Ken Kesey's resulting maelstrom of film footage and recordings was a jumbled mess pieced together by folks with few brain cells to spare, Plaid turned their winding tour of the states into a new business machine with results.

And not only that, they've preseeded likeminded bloggers (me, Dave at Jetpacks, etc.) with a pre-tour shwag drop to help them promote it.

So I'm doing my part: Check it out.


My PLAID-SHWAG goodie kit has arrived w/ tshirt, button and keychain. Thanks Plaid!

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