Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aim low

My sister pointed out that my blog is written for 8 year olds. And while it is written from a fairly juvenile perspective, I was still a little skeptical.

So here are the ratings of some of my most esteemed friends' blogs:

Make the logo bigger

blog readability test

The Ad Hole

blog readability test

American Copywriter

And my personal favorite (and the one that seems to blow this tool's credibility to bits)

George Parker's obscenity-laced, foaming-mouthed diatribe Ad Scam

blog readability test

Truly. Could anything be more elementary?


Kristen said...

I didn't actually say yours was written for 8-year-olds, just that mine was apparently smarter. :)

J_Fox said...

I'm shocked that I hit junior high, considering I peaked both emotionally and intellectually in kindergarten.