Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Paying attention

Fox posted a pretty good critique of the latest effort from the High Fructose Corn Syrup folks. Worth a read.

I can relate because I've spent the past 26 days reading the labels. Jesus there's a lotta shit out there. I know that the food business is more business than food in 2008, but I think we're finally starting to reach a tipping point: where it's more business than actual food.

Take, for example, Transformer's Fruit Snacks:
For every dollar spent on fruit snacks, I'm putting the cost of the nutrition at, oh, 3 cents per box. The rest is licensing, packaging, shipping and shelf-life.

And profit.

Now, I appreciate advertising like anyone else but once my kid is clamoring to go to McDonalds for the 5 cent toy (he hates my food, to my great relief/chagrin), or clamoring for Star Wars lunchables (sorry - I draw the line at lunchables - which no doubt ROB children of nutrition with that most insidious of creations: shelf-stable cheese).

This isn't some psychotic argument for nutrition. Or robbing our children of their innocence. It's a very basic argument that if you call it "food", you should actually have food in there. C'mon, SOMETHING I can nod to, shrug and say "What can I say? He likes R2-D2 shaped apple slices."

Fuck, I LOVED Star Wars (Star Wars Transformers aside. SWT are a bastardization I will never accept - they violate all the rules of truth and qualify as "over licensing")

It's a plea to the food companies: can you guys TRY to make the food in those licensed boxes actual food? And while you're at it, would it be so hard to bust out a turkey-based brisket substitute?

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