Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cirque pasa

Pretty nice.

Courtesy of N!C on the shottiework blog.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Shame on me

I have a new favorite beverage: a dreaded fruity beer. But what can I say, it's motherfucking TASTY. I actually succumbed to the Miller chicks at a tasting booth at the Tom Thumb. And was pleasantly surprised.

I know: ME!

Me who doesn't even use the lime to mask an all-too-often skunkified Corona. Me who scoffs at raspberry beers and peach beers and anything that reminds me of fruit wine or worse: wine coolers. What am I? 14 and drinking out of the back of my buddy's trunk before the INXS concert?


Still, it's a light and refreshing beer. A Meeler Lite you pendejos can drink in the neighbors pool when they're not home and feel like you're back in Cancun with that girl with the tray and the space in her teeth and the sky in her hair. Remember?

You can drink it to soften the blow of a season flushed faster than you can mutter "Jessica" with a mouthful of corn chips and hate.

It's like the Doritos of beer. The first bite is almost too much, but by the third swig you are calculating how many are left in the fridge and how many people are there and what are the chances you'll be able to grab two more without double-fisting. Or better yet, stash one in the crisper - actually stuff it INTO a head of Romaine lettuce so no one finds it.

Lime flavored beer-crack. For $5.99 at Tom Thumb.

Photo Tuesday

The world wide wonderful web offered up this one sort of unexpectedly: the bio pic of a bassist featured on npr was taken by this woman, who's work I love immediately.

Pics by Gail Albert Halaban