Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've done a little research - and based on design alone - Obama is beating the shit out of Senator Clinton on website design.

Barack has a well-directed music video featuring Scarlett Johansson and several other personalities whose names escape me, but whose earnestness makes you want to join them in a rousing chorus of "yes we can."

Obama may be the first candidate to effectively use design as a campaign tool. Sure, he still uses red white and blue and stars and stuff, but more importantly, he has chosen a contemporary type style, a shiny blue field, well organized and clean graphics to amplify his message.

Hilary? Not so much.Hilary's page looks like the front page of the New York newspaper - not the Times, the shitty one... Um. The Daily News. Her blues are desaturated and newsprint-y. Her reds ONLY highlight phrases like CONTRIBUTE and REPORT VOTING PROBLEMS. Is that Helvetica round? Yuck. What a default political web design this is. flat. Unimaginative. Even her picture looks like it was scanned out of USA Today. She should fire her publicist for showing a smile with that many chins. From that angle.

And she's the QUALIFIED one. Cripes. All that establishment has gone straight through her head and onto her site.

Plus check out THIS touch from Obama's site:

A little CGC? NO HE DI'N'T! (Can you imagine being the poor campaign schlepp who has to weed through THIS thicket of public ranting and ideating?) Still - it's contemporary, it's strategic, and dammit - it wins votes.

Here's a little look at Hilary's internet savvy:

Sorry Hil: you lost me at "right-click..." - newsflash - your voting base knows how to download a fucking picture and - by virtue of the fact that you not only give me directions BUT give me PC directions - you've lost me completely. And Scarlett Johansson.


Here's a cool little resource I found - strangely, I'll admit - through the Patron Social Club (cause that's the kind of shit I join?)

I'm always looking for cool new design, and these little pdf mags deliver some cool. And weird. A little hard to figure out how to investigate them (look for the link that says "web" at the bottom of each feature) but worth the downloads to see some great experimental magazines.

Photo Tuesday

I'm not a particular fan of a lot of aspects of this company - but there's a pretty nice gallery of amateur photography. And no, despite its reputation, I don't think any of it qualifies as porn.

Have a looksee.

picture: Ruthie Brownfield

Monday, February 04, 2008

Best crossover

Pretty true. Gotta tell you: I could use one of these about 4 days a week. It is a cruel twist of fate that I need at least one cup of coffee in me before I'm coordinated enough to drink a cup of coffee in the AM.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


On this most hallowed of advertising evenings, I sat, enthroned, soaking in the experience of the Super Bowl. Football. Ads. A couple beers (you guess what kind). A little Petty.

Hell yeah Petty.

I expected very little from Tom Petty's Super Bowl half time show. However: he hit his notes. He picked songs I knew. He didn't push anything off his newish (but very adequate) album. He rocked it. He kept his top on. And I'm sure he set a fairly high bar for uncontroversial yet entertaining half time shows.

The football was worth a damn. Both teams did the things they did to get here: played good offense and better defense. Both teams are wearing USA colors. Shit. I even rooted for both teams: Peyton Manning's little brother v. the ultimate season. How could you lose?

The ads - this is the part where I suppose folks will think I'll weigh in big. I dunno. I thought a couple of the ads were great. I thought Bud Light came up short despite a lot of money and effort. My son liked a bunch of lizards dancing to Thriller. And we both laughed when Justin Timberlake got hit with a flatscreen (although probably for different reasons).

I liked the giant pigeons. I liked the parade balloon fight. I liked the screaming squirrel. There were plenty to forget. Which I have. Except for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which despite their forgettability, managed to work their way into my memory through sheer repetition. God Bless Fox. They bet the farm on the Superbowl to push a season of subpar product (not unlike GoDaddy and SalesGenie).

As for the ads: I doubt I'll replay any of 'em.

Cool that the football and the halftime show were more entertaining than the commercials.