Saturday, June 14, 2008

This changes everything?

Found it on Carb Free.
Full article on the implications here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot as hell

It's 100 degrees-ish here in Dallas (and elsewhere, as I hear from the folks back in PA) and everything in my yard is struggling. You forget to tend to the zucchini for a day or two and everything goes limp.


Not unlike this blog.

So let me throw some excuses and apologies out there for all of you.

I'm busy.

And I'm sorry.

As for sorry - I have no excuse.

But as for busy:

I got back from my Scotland adventure and plunged head-first back into all kinds of great stuff: Work. Yard work (I don't have a good picture of me, stooped over at the waist for the last four days, suffering from acute weedthritis.)

The spot is for Joe's Crab Shack. And has garnered both ire and praise from its constituents. You'll laugh. You'll cry. A few will "never eat there again". Glad to have pushed those of you who were on the "May or may not ever eat there again" fence off, one way or the other. Hopefully the right way. But any spot that features a priest whooping it up with the Prince of Darkness will have its critics.

I would, however, highly recommend it. Joe's, I mean. The food is great. I know it's a CAREER LIMITING MOVE (CLM) to suggest otherwise, but as a *trusted member of the blogosphere*, and a guy who has eaten there 8 times over the past two months, I can attest that the food and drinks are worthy. For those of you who don't know me, I wouldn't rec food I didn't truly stand behind. For those of you who do - okay, okay that Thai place has good days and bad days.

I didn't HAVE to tell you I was working on it at all.

But I did, because the commercial is playing on a channel near you - assuming you are somewhere in the continental US.

It was fun to produce. It was shot with a good director on a modest budget and an aggressive timeline. And it's a :15 snapshot of rollicking good times at America's premier seafood destination.

Do me a favor and take 15 of your friends for dinner. Today.

I highly recommend the "Great Balls of Fire" and the Crab Nachos. And the Dungeness bucket, Chesapeake-style (holla, Bawmore!) And a bucket of very cold beers.