Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad. And worse.



Nothing can KILL this man's career. Drugs. Crime. Insanity. Nothing.
Or are we witnessing the final and brutal end?

Thanks, Bill.


Like a cow,
I was lured, herded, penned and milked.
for an iphone.

it's nice.
uh, smudgy.
easy to use.
hard to put down.

I predict you'll find me walking into walls while I check email, update facebook, find myself on GPS, twitter the status of my bruised forehead, and take calls from my friends family and coworkers.

It's sitting here on my desk.
Begging for a poke, a touch, a squeeze.


Instinct? What Instinct?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Charlie Stephenson's band invites you to leave the yard.

It's a fine fuckin' day.

Following Up

A few weeks back, I delivered some tips for the creative department on handling a new business pitch.

An Update: we won.

Here are a few tips for celebrating the good news:

Search out the folks that presented (in person) and shake their hands. Look them in the eye. Congratulate them as you might congratulate someone who has just had a baby, gotten married, survived crucial surgery.

The copy-all "great job everyone" email is spam. The handshake on a different floor of the building is something we like to call "a little extra effort". People remember your handshake. And remember that you know who they are (even if you didn't know who they were until right then.)

Drink-buying is a good idea. Asking to see the work is a great idea. Asking to work on the business is an outstanding idea.

Take credit humbly and graciously. And spread it around.And savor it because it's not an every-day thing. Even for the good guys.

Practicing what you preach

When it comes to integrating your agency's brand, few do it like the Plaid crew.

Last year, I met up with them at a skanky bar in Fair Park to hoist a cold one at the conclusion of their tour across the states, spreading buttons and brand fever in a swarm of twittering, vlogging, blogging, flickering, and general craziness not seen since Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters took the New York World's Fair by storm in a dayglo bus full of acid freaks.

But where Ken Kesey's resulting maelstrom of film footage and recordings was a jumbled mess pieced together by folks with few brain cells to spare, Plaid turned their winding tour of the states into a new business machine with results.

And not only that, they've preseeded likeminded bloggers (me, Dave at Jetpacks, etc.) with a pre-tour shwag drop to help them promote it.

So I'm doing my part: Check it out.


My PLAID-SHWAG goodie kit has arrived w/ tshirt, button and keychain. Thanks Plaid!