Friday, August 22, 2008

An argument for good strategy

All the bling and shizzle in the world is no match for a punch upside the head.
Thanks for the head up, Chuckles.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is also pretty cool

My professor and mentor Ray Nichols is being recognized by the Art Director's Club. And has selected a few students - myself included - to be among those whose work will be shown in an exhibition at the ADC celebrating his career.

So not only was I recognized as one of his best students, I'll have a piece of work hanging at the ADC.

This is, as we say in the business, a win-win.

New Me

A couple months ago I started griping to my wife about my protruding belly (the result, no doubt of a life of unfettered access to mexican food, light beer and fine cheese.)

She suggested I do her diet-from-hell with her.

I agreed.

So here I am, day 4, without caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat, sugar, beef or corn.

What have I done?

It's amazing - when I stop to examine it - just how much liquid I consume on a daily basis: 4-6 cups of coffee, 1-2 beers, an iced tea here, a diet coke there. Well this week it's been water. A little water here? Some there. Some more here.

I haven't peed like this since my wife was pregnant. (The last time I behaved as sympathetically).

People said without caffeine my head would explode. Not true. It's my bladder that's in danger of rupturing from the average of a gallon of water a day I'm running through this engine.

People thought the lack of alcohol might make me irritable. Not true. What makes me irritable is sitting 10 feet from a tableau of cheese, sausage and crackers thoughtfully delivered by a well-meaning editorial producer.

I do feel better. I'm not sure I attribute it to the diet. Or the obligatory exercise. And I'm certainly not feeling any better about my belly. I feel better about the fact that I'm capable of making a change that drastic and sticking to it.

Change is hard. Especially left-hand, middle of the highway, no-signal, change. And it's funny how close to the rut you are - all the time: I'm a frosty beer away from riding my two-wheel diet into the perverbial ditch (filled with steamy enchiladas, venti skim-milk lattes and plates full of brie.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aim low

My sister pointed out that my blog is written for 8 year olds. And while it is written from a fairly juvenile perspective, I was still a little skeptical.

So here are the ratings of some of my most esteemed friends' blogs:

Make the logo bigger

blog readability test

The Ad Hole

blog readability test

American Copywriter

And my personal favorite (and the one that seems to blow this tool's credibility to bits)

George Parker's obscenity-laced, foaming-mouthed diatribe Ad Scam

blog readability test

Truly. Could anything be more elementary?