Thursday, August 28, 2008

My, what big...

The Texas Side-step

Can't donate enough to your candidate's campaign? Do what Harold Simmons did. Run your own ad! Last election, Harold wrote a $3M check to the the folks who ran the Swift Boat Veterans ad. And he'll spend just under that on this effort. His bio on Forbes says to expect him to spend $400 Million on "philonthropic gifts" this year.

Clearly all that money is going into media, since it's a series of crappy speech clips, newspaper article scans and ken-burns-effect photographs. One might argue that spending a little more on production value might have made the ad a little more interesting to watch. A little more convincing. A little bit more truly terrifying. Like that Orville Redenbacher commercial Crispin busted out with a fully rendered 3D ressurection. THAT was fucking scary.

But I like this guy's style. Flip a couple million dollar bills out of the wad of dough in your pocket and drop it on some TV ads smearing the shit out of the candidate you don't like. I wish I could casually flip out $3M. "Whatdya need? A tank? A racehorse? Solid-gold sneakers? a yacht? What's it cost? A couple Mil? Hereyago."

That's less than one hundredth of what this guy will do, philanthropically this year. Shit you could BUY CUBA with $400M. And replace all those sweet '57 Chevys with hybrids. I wonder what other kind of havoc could you wreak with $3M?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dude. How many times have you wished you had one of these kick-ass tripods????

ThisNext: If Target and Urban Outfitters mated, their offspring would likely resemble Target's Red Hot Shop.


Giggling away a few hours over David Sedaris' newest book: When You Are Engulfed in Flames.

Damn, is this man funny.

I've seen him read here at the Meyerson. I've sat in my car long after arriving at my destination, to listen to him on NPR describing his adventures with Americans on the metro or his season as an elf at Macy's. I have a few of his books on CD, just so I can hear his voice - which is as much a part of his style as his literary voice.

I don't have much in common with David Sedaris. He's gay, talented, and living in Paris. I'm not.

But, recounting his childhood, his perception of the seventies, his parents, his first few swings at adulthood - I identify.

Here's a good one, that shows up in his new book.

There's this.

I don't miss a lot about the northeast. My family, absolutely. The week the leaves change color, okay. A tolerable summer, maybe. The occasional 3-foot snow storm, hells no.

But not being able to drive up to NYC to see (and smell) this. That, I miss.