Friday, September 05, 2008


I've been reflexively checking facebook for about 2 months now - it's unbelievable. people who I haven't given a shit about in 15 years (no offense, ya'll) I'm suddenly hanging on their every status comment.

Bahahaha: SHE'S dealing with HER crazy children too!
WOW: look at that kids haircut!
OMG: somebody wrote that on her WALL!

I'm a fucking sixteen year old trapped in a body that evidently can not burn belly fat.

Damn this diet.
Damn this interweb.
Damn this blog.

il busted

by l'uomo in Pisa 14 months ago, driving on some restricted street.
Now I owe them 133 euros.

I can pay them now or wait for the fine to go up to 185,50.

(That's definitely the bumper of my lawn-mower/smartcar that we hauled four people around Italy in, btw.) Oh I did it.


And by accepting responsibility, I believe he'll say "yeah - I hit that."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

sweet sweet irony

Funny fucking genius.