Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Highlights / Lowlights

As all are now well aware, my age makes me a shoo-in for the "backed-by-symphony" rock concert.

As such, I was at the Ben Folds/DSO even this evening.

A capella "Aaaah-aahs" on Not the Same
Rocking the Suburbs, sans orchestra

Feedback for three songs (three? really?! WTF Meyerson?)
Muddy sound, despite "flawless acoustics"
Brick. Dear Ben: let this song go.
Chick with bad breath madly wooooing in wife's ear
Ass-dragging rendition of Steven's Last night in Town sounded more funerary than fun.

Have I gotten too old even for symphony-backed concerts?
I miss my iPod.

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