Thursday, October 22, 2009

Less Interesting

I think Dos Equis has jumped the perverbial shark.
Which is a shame, because "The Most Interesting Man in the World" is one of my favorite campaigns done in the last ten years.

But the radio spot I just heard leads me to believe they are running out of material (or the client/brand manager/copywriter/CD are drinking entirely too much of their product - if that's possible).

It's a Halloween ad.
And it is scary, all right.


Basically, it undoes in 30 seconds what they've been seeding for two years.

Way to go.

How did this happen?
How can a brand that gets it right for so long, go so so wrong?
Who went on vacation?
Or quit?
Or got fired?
And left this brand to fester in its own cleverness, until all that was left was tired cliches delivered in super-serious tones? About ghosts and chains and whogivesafuckwhat?

I am disappointed. And I am disinterested.


Irene Done said...

Yeah. Last week, a friend of mine -- a real non-ad person -- just out of the blue mentioned how much he hates this spot. That's alarming. I think I remember that last Cinco de Mayo, there was a Mexican food-themed bit that was terrible. What's going on with their holiday spots? And can it be stopped in time for Christmas and New Years? Fingers crossed.

Jetpacks said...

I also loved the Dos Equis campaign and out of curiosity conducted a brief survey of non-industry people and said "If I said, 'Stay Thirsty my friends,' what product am I talking about?" Four out of five got it wrong. I then said "How about if I said, 'The most interesting man in the world?'" That upped the results to two out of five getting it right.

Haven't heard the radio you're talking about, but as fun as TMIMITW is, I wonder how it has improved sales of Dos Equis.