Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Highlights / Lowlights

As all are now well aware, my age makes me a shoo-in for the "backed-by-symphony" rock concert.

As such, I was at the Ben Folds/DSO even this evening.

A capella "Aaaah-aahs" on Not the Same
Rocking the Suburbs, sans orchestra

Feedback for three songs (three? really?! WTF Meyerson?)
Muddy sound, despite "flawless acoustics"
Brick. Dear Ben: let this song go.
Chick with bad breath madly wooooing in wife's ear
Ass-dragging rendition of Steven's Last night in Town sounded more funerary than fun.

Have I gotten too old even for symphony-backed concerts?
I miss my iPod.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hydro 74

remarkable illustration and typography (somewhat oversold) via Hopkins at

So Not Laughing

While all the twittererers were tweeting about how little miss new thing dropped an F bomb in her first skit, I was temporarily distracted by the phenomenal photographs of Megan Fox shot by SNL's long-time house shooter, mary ellen matthews.

Love that lady's stuff.