Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Antisocial media

Is it social to ignore the person in front of you to reflexively check your Facebook app to see if anyone commented on your witty status. OMG! She DID!

Is it social to disengage from a conversation at lunch long enough to check in and earn 6 points on foursquare?

Is it social to tweet your horoscope?

I did not quit Facebook on May 31st. Because frankly I'd spent some time and effort cultivating a small community of people that (at least pretend to) give a shit about my life, my family and my various evenings spent toasting my toes in front of my chiminea.

Do they give more of a shit about me than my wife? No. My kid? No.
So why am I reflexively putting them off for another 10 seconds while I investigate just WHO IS IT from my high school past that "likes" something I said in a status two days ago?

It's an illness.
And it's not social.

Social is a discussion. Not a thumbs up.
Social is an opinion deeper than LOL.
Social is interaction. And true empathy.
Have I lost most of you?


Don't go spreading this around, but I skyped with my mom the other night.
In fact, it was her idea.
And you know what?
Skype is social.
One person.
Who you're looking at.
And talking to.
And pretty much only them (unless you're reflexively reading your facebook feed while you talk face to face with someone via videochat).

Social should require you to put on clothes.
And comb your hair.
And watch your tone.
Social media should enable true social activity.
Not coordinates.
Or fifty out-of-focus pictures of a new cat.

Betty White was right.
This shit is a huge waste of time.


Fun Mommy K said...

You are completely right. And I totally care about how warm your toes are. Totally. :)

Jetpacks said...

Damn, James. That was nice. And I like the prose layout of the piece.

I'm gonna TWEET THIS!

Michael McClain said...

How do I 'Like' this?

Michael McClain said...

How do I 'Like' this?