Sunday, August 08, 2010


There's a lot of yammering out there about this spread from Italian Vogue.

We are soooooo American.

Have you ever SEEN Italian Vogue?
Allow me to share:

There's the David LaChapelle feature.

The Miss Cosmetic Surgery feature.

And talk about a scandal, here's a Levi's shirt that costs [GASP] $104?!?!

And that's just the other stuff in this issue.

Point is, provocative articles abound in this magazine.
A little social-commentary oil-slick photoshoot (featuring jewelry from gulf coast artist Kathleen Nowack Tucci) is hardly a ripple in this gulf controversy.

You want to be scandalized? LOOK AROUND. There are plenty of assholes out there stooping a LOT lower than this to make a few dollars at someone else's expense. Not that I believe this article was created at anyone's expense. But the notion that it's news (admittedly, it was designed to grab some attention) is, quite simply, horseshit.

The state of the gulf coast is news.
A woman with bad eye make up fake-dying on a photo set is not news.
Even if she is wearing recycled rubber jewelry manufactured on the gulf coast.