Friday, February 04, 2011


I watched Inception last night.
For the first time.
And I remembered back to all the buzz that surrounded that movie -- all the Inception-based statuses that clogged my feed for two months. In July.

Well now I have those questions. But it's already been questioned to death.

Such is the life of the late-adopter.
Not that I'm a particularly late adopter in all things, but movies (unless that movie has Harry Potter in the title or Pixar in the credits) come to me as fast as Netflix can get them.

So I end up like the guy above, too busy driving to field the funny email, even if I was on the fastest broadband connection (which, if you believe the commercial, I am). And no, It's not lost on me that this is not a new commercial either.

And with all the warbling right now over the Oscars, and so many movies out there begging to be seen -- and the unfortunate stretch of shitty weather in Dallas -- you'd think I could have snuck away and caught Black Swan,
The King's Speech and True Grit at the very least. Alas, the weather was THAT shitty.

I can pride myself on seeing 3 of the 5 movies up for best art direction. And I can thank a long flight to New York for the opportunity to see "the Social Network", albeit on an 8 inch screen, periodically interrupted by the quaalude-mellowed voice of the captain pointing out the Mississippi River and the illuminated seat belt sign.

Of course I pissed away a perfectly good movie-viewing opportunity with "Due Date" in -- of all places - Santa Monica. A town that could have shown me any number of better movies. The two tittering Australian tweens' ardent recommendation should have tipped me off to go for something slightly less stupid. "It's greayt" they brayed. "You'll luhve eet." My ass.

And of course there was "Up in the Air" -- which taught me nothing if not to upgrade my suitcase and pay more attention to the footwear I select for flights. At least there were some teaching moments there-- What? Holy shit was that 2009?

So then I'll stop. And go shop for an iPad.


Goose said...

I too am on the late train with Inception, catching up with it 2 weeks ago. Feel free to ask your questions. Not that i consider myself an expert, it's just that it's still fresh in my head. I also recently saw Social Network, and thought my television was going since it was so dark, but then remembered Fincher was the director.

Of the nominated movies I've seen (admittedly not many) the best was Restrepo, a documentary on a group of soldiers in the Afghanistan war. It will change perceptions of war, regardless of politics. I'm guessing it will win the Oscar for best documentary.


James-H said...

Loved the scoring of Social Network, although I'm sure listening to it pumped through an airline headset wasn't what Trent Reznor envisioned -- or perhaps that's exactly what he envisioned. Also, much of it took place in dorm rooms and surrounding Boston, neither of which has much in the way of natural light.