Monday, June 13, 2011

What I learned from the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals taught me quite a bit.

They taught me about Lebron: Don't be that guy.
The overpromise-underdeliver guy.
The guy who tries to win by stacking the deck.
The guy who's mouth writes checks he simply can't cash.
That's the guy who, when he can't hit a basket, the fans and the media hang him out to dry.

And more importantly they taught me about Dirk: Be that guy.
The guy who wins by putting in the effort.
The guy who has learned not to celebrate before the ball is in the basket and the clock reads 0:00.
The guy who puts his team first.
That's the guy, who when he can't hit a basket, the team and fans behind him rise up to be the difference.

There were a ton of great basketball players in the middle, with great stories all their own: from Bosh to Barea, from Wade to JET.
Each playing their part, doing their best.
There were a ton of great fans – Mavs fans who've waited for it way too long.
Cavs fans who were all too happy to see LeBron choke on his own tongue.
Heat fans who just couldn't cheer loud enough to drown out the steady march to defeat.

I'm not a Dallas native, or a born-blue Mavs fan.
But I took particular pleasure in watching really good basketball where, in my opinion, the good guys won.
Not the best paid athletes, or the ones with the most lucrative endorsement contracts.
But guys I'd let my son get autographs from.

Congratulations to the 2011 Dallas Mavericks.
And thanks for a great run.