Friday, July 13, 2012

User or Loser?

User: Wants to feel something. Loser: Wants something for nothing. User: Appreciates custom. Loser: Settles for lowest common denominator. User: Appreciates a thoughtful process. Loser: Badda Bing, Bada Boom. User: Appreciates the details. Loser: Understands a cliche. User: Pays extra for thoughtfulness. Loser: Buys in bulk. User: Considers the package, not just the product. Loser: Would judge the book by its cover, but rarely goes to the bookstore or the library. User: Design is a feature. Loser: 100 features is better than 99 features. User: Do one thing well. Loser: Sixteen uses is better than fifteen. User: Function meets fiction. Loser: Function trumps fiction. User: Surprise and delight me. Loser: Buy it, break it, hate it, regret it. User: Try, iterate, try again. Loser: Repeat the same mistakes, blame others for the results. So I ask you all, Are you a user? Or a loser?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating lo-fi

In the weeks since I've gone from advertising creative director to user experience strategist, I've been impressed with the notion of low-fi to hi-fi. Lo-fi can have some really beautiful and unexpected effects:

One Sander, One Drill from Craig Cutler on Vimeo.

Untitled from Craig Cutler on Vimeo.

More at

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crowd Source This

Sam Adams wants the crowd to help them make a beer.

But here's the thing: People are idiots.

A smart person avoid crowds and crowd logic.
Take the path less traveled.
Discover a new way. A better way.
Does it different. On their own. Or with a few handpicked smart people to guide them.
And challenge them.

You want to make a good new beer?
Partner with another brewer.
Or a physicist.
Or a chef.
Or a bicycle technician.
Not a crowd.

The crowd is lowest common denominator.
The crowd is too many chefs in the fucking kitchen.
A crowd is a mob.
A crowd is a focus group.

Crowds make terrible decisions:
Like Facebook.
And book burning.
And Hollister.

You want a brilliant idea?
Leave it to a brilliant person.

You want a stupid idea? Ask a crowd.