Friday, July 13, 2012

User or Loser?

User: Wants to feel something. Loser: Wants something for nothing. User: Appreciates custom. Loser: Settles for lowest common denominator. User: Appreciates a thoughtful process. Loser: Badda Bing, Bada Boom. User: Appreciates the details. Loser: Understands a cliche. User: Pays extra for thoughtfulness. Loser: Buys in bulk. User: Considers the package, not just the product. Loser: Would judge the book by its cover, but rarely goes to the bookstore or the library. User: Design is a feature. Loser: 100 features is better than 99 features. User: Do one thing well. Loser: Sixteen uses is better than fifteen. User: Function meets fiction. Loser: Function trumps fiction. User: Surprise and delight me. Loser: Buy it, break it, hate it, regret it. User: Try, iterate, try again. Loser: Repeat the same mistakes, blame others for the results. So I ask you all, Are you a user? Or a loser?