Friday, February 08, 2013


Generally speaking, I've lost my taste for advertising. But these are fucking beautiful. Intriguing. and actually make me want to give this car another look.
photography by christopher griffith

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Trying is human

I'm an honest guy.
Mostly. I tend to go right to the point.
And may the soft-ego'd and frail-eared fall where they may.

 I drop F-bombs like a lost fat child drops breadcrumbs.
And I have trouble disguising my disappointment around people for whom I lack respect.
 Which makes me sound like a dick. And maybe I am.

So I'd like to apologize.

 To the people that were trying. Especially to them.
To the people that were rushed, and otherwise troubled.
Or were distracted and their 100% came out looking and feeling more like 53%.

 I'm not apologizing to you because I know you're human.
Or, because you're human, I know I should expect a little less of you.

I mean, that's just bullshit.

 I've been there.
I've been pulled in too many directions.
I've let life cloud my work. And vice versa.
I've multitasked at the expense of all the tasks.
I've been rushed. And I've been irritated. And occasionally I've just been lazy.

Some people might shrug and say, "Meh -- you're human."
But that's neither an excuse nor even a particularly good explanation of why I do those things.
I do them because I'm flawed. Imperfect. And occasionally just not trying.

To be human is to seek companionship and enlightenment.
To be curious.
And more importantly, restless.

To be human is to learn from our dreams to do the things that have never been done.
To be human is to try things and, when they fail, to try them a different way.
 Humans flew to the moon.
Humans created the iPhone.
Humans invented French cooking. And really amazing wine.
And, having created the first amazing wine -- they've gone on to further refine and even perfect its production and distribution.
 To be human is to be amazingly sharp, despite our soft-cell exteriors.

So if I fail -- ESPECIALLY if I fail by not trying -- it's not because I'm human.
It's because sometimes I'm an asshole.

If I'm truly trying, I make time for you.
If I'm truly trying, I come up with something great -- then beat it with something better.
I admit that I'm wrong.
Not as an excuse -- but as a segue to being right (or at least right-er), eventually.
If I'm truly trying, I know when I'm not given enough time -- and I plan accordingly.

Yes. Sometimes I go home and go to sleep. Because I'm human. And humans need sleep. And water. And to see their families and be greeted by their dogs and put the work on the back shelf. And while they're home -- they need to be trying, too. Really trying.

Yoda said "...There is no try". But Yoda wasn't human. Or real. Let's not garble the definition of human by assuming the flaws are part of the package. Let's do all we can to overcome them ever day. Or, at least, let's try.